Amazon Go – End Of Retail Jobs Or The Store Of The Future?


Amazon Go – End Of Retail Jobs Or The Store Of The Future? Starting with Seattle buyers in can now visit Amazon Go, a convenience store without any cashiers or checkout lanes. It works by customers picking out what they need and just walk out. From there, the AI packed cameras throughout the store ensure the buyer’s Amazon account is charged for chosen items.

Amazon Go – Zero Human Interaction

Amazon Go’s mini-market is already called the “store of the future” for its innovative approach with no cash registers, no security employees, and no cashiers.
The entrance to Amazon Go features special entry points where with a swipe of Amazon’s smartphone app, customers are allowed entry. Once inside buyers can choose from a large selection of packaged goods one would find at any normal supermarket or convenience store, such as drinks, crisps, chocolates, and many other ‘minute’ goods.

Amazon Go – Convenience First

Interesting is that Amazon Go does not have shopping trolleys or baskets. Instead, customers can put all of the items they plan to buy into their personal carries bags and thanks to the many AI packed cameras found in the store and the smart sensors located on the shelves, the entire process works great.
After picking out what they’d like to buy, customers just walk out the same secure gates they entered through and there are no waiting queues. As soon as the buyer had left the store the account they hold with Amazon is charged the equivalent of fiat in goods taken out of the store.

amazon go-man-paying-for-the-goods-with-amazon-app

Amazon Go – End of Retail?

However, while the tech employed is much appreciated by buyers interested in convenience and saving time, the company is facing huge criticism as there is fear the new AI-powered stores have the potential to eliminate retail jobs in cases where personalised human-based services – such as luxury – are not required. Amazon has yet to respond whether or not more AI-based Amazon Go stores are to be launched in the future.
The way we buy goods, from clothing to ice cream is set to change within the next few years and only time will tell if Amazon’s innovative stores are among the technologies to penetrate and thrive.