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Amazon Echo Dot – The Best AI Personal Fashion Assistant Got Better


Amazon Echo Dot – Best Personal Assistant Got Cheaper. Amazon’s voice-operated Echo smart PA is something close to magic. Modern day magic, right in your home. Echo gives you the latest news, the weather forecast, can order food for you, turn off the lights when you ask and even find out – in less than 2 seconds – who won the Oscar for Best Actor this year.

The Amazon Echo speaker is nowadays a hit in many people’s kitchens and is also Amazon’s one of the best-selling items in 2015. Now, the e-commerce company wants to invade the rest of your house by introducing two new members to the Echo family. Amazon Tap and the Echo Dot. Let’s start with the Amazon Echo Dot first.

Amazon Echo Dot – Design And Features

amazon echo dot vox
Imagine that you cut off the middle-top part of the Amazon Echo Bluetooth speaker, and you are looking at the new Amazon Echo Dot. At $89.99, the Echo Dot is half the price of the original Amazon Echo, but just as smart.

Just like with the original Echo, you can use “the Dot” to control your house by speaking to Alexa, Amazon’s – always-on and always-listening – virtual assistant. Once you speak your command or your question, the Amazon Echo Dot connects to the cloud and delivers as per your request. It can stream music, read the latest news, or find the answers to your questions.

The difference with the Dot is that Echo’s full-size speaker is gone. Instead, you’ll have to connect the Dot to your speakers, either via Dot’s line out jack or Bluetooth. However, the Echo Dot does have a small built-in speaker for the alarm clock and the timer.

Regarding the tech, the Dot has the same array of microphones like the Amazon Echo, so you can talk to the device from a different room. As it is the case with the big Echo, the Dot also needs an outlet, for power.

Amazon Echo Dot – Price And Availability

The Echo Dot costs $89.99, and that is half the price you would have to pay for the original Echo. More than that, if you are charmed by Alexa’s PA features, and you already have an audio system in your house, the Amazon Echo Dot is the most logical choice.

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One final word. Amazon has placed an unusual condition on buying the new Echo Dot. It is available just for Amazon Prime members who already own an Echo. Don’t ask me why. I am as baffled as you are. That means unless you have an Echo or a Fire TV, you cannot buy one. Not yet, at least.
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