Advances In The Fashion Industry That Are Changing The Way We Shop


Advances in the fashion industry that are changing the way we shop. Tech advancements that benefit the fashion industry aren’t mentioned much, but it’s something that is being highlighted more and more. 

In recent years there have been changes to optimise the way customers can shop and it’ also showing signs of the way the industry will progress moving forward.

Advances In The Fashion Industry – Recommendations Reinvented

The majority of apps and websites compile your search information and give you suggestions on what they think you’ll like, and it’s almost a standard now.

Advances In The Fashion Industry - a girl with a street style fashion

ASOS is a brand that offers multiple designers in the UK. The company now gives their customers the ability to take pictures of garments they like on the apps and
ASOS provides the customer with all the products they think match the item they want.

It’s an accurate service that means you can take a picture of trucker hats or something else you’ve seen in a shop/ seen a person wearing, and the app gives very precise alternatives or the original (if sold). 

Though the feature is a novelty, the App has advertised its success and plans to continue with its progression.

Advances In The Fashion Industry – Sustainable Clothing

Clothing created from materials that aren’t harmful to the environment have been advancing for the past few years, and Hemp and other options have been noted.

Advances In The Fashion Industry and sustainable clothing - blue adidas parley with jeans

Eco- friendly garments have reached new levels with brands offering clothing that is made entirely from recycled plastics. 

Not only is it an option to help clean up the ocean and keep forests safe, but companies are also now announcing that their gym clothing offers better performance and endurance when compared to the other standard options available.

This dramatic change isn’t entirely ready for the mass market yet, the sustainable design is still at a much high price bracket, but like most new technologies, it’s likely that the prices will naturally decrease as cheaper ways to develop the clothing come into practice.

Advances In The Fashion Industry – Same Day Delivery

Companies like Argos are now offering same-day delivery on their products. Currently, it’s dependent on the customer location, but the technology has been rolled out and advertised to the country.

Advances In The Fashion Industry - same day delivery package

The same technology is also a race for fashion brands to begin to offer; whether it’s through couriers or other means, they want to give their customers the ability to shop on the same day and receive their products in time for the evening or even sooner

Advances In The Fashion Industry – A.I.

From a business perspective, one of the most essentials pieces of technology is already available and changing the functionality of the company’s routine.

Advances In The Fashion Industry - using Artificial Intelligence for personalise fashion shopping experience

Machine learning means that artificial intelligence is providing feedback on what a business can expect to forecast in the future and recommend the best practice.

These tech advancements all impact different points in the businesses and customers experience. It’s likely that they will become the expectation within the next year.

Advances In The Fashion Industry - A.I.

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