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3D-Printed FashionTech Store Brings Sustainability To London


3D-Printed FashionTech Store. This is a must-see London-based project, launched by the 3D-printing company Ai Build and the fashion brand Bottletop. The chosen location is Bottletop’s brick and mortar flagship store located at 84 Regent St. in London, designed and built from up-cycled plastic turned into 3D printing ‘ink’ and reutilised to fit the store by robots.

The interior of the 3D-printed store was constructed by using ‘ink’ filaments from Reflow, a 3D-printing gear provider whose filaments are made from plastic waste. The project serves as an example of how innovative tech and fashion can connect in sustainable ways, without affecting or diminishing the unique value of fashion and its exclusive design.

3D-Printed FashionTech Store in London made by robots

“With3D-printing we up the possibility to control, with surgical precision, where the material is deposited to create physical objects, thus reducing waste as it is the case with traditional manufacturing methods,” said Daghan Cam, the co-founder and CEO of Ai Build.

Similar to Ai Build, Bottletop is ‘contemporary art’ fashion brand that puts a serious accent on sustainable production and ethical consumption. The company’s products are made out of recycled materials with the aim of instilling sustainability as the new value of fashion; that is for the consumers of fashion but also for the multiple layers of this landscape.

3D-Printed FashionTech garments made from recycled materials in Africa

“Construction and garment industries are the biggest contributors to environmental pollution nowadays and the aim of this project is to demonstrate that cutting-edge technology is the only solution to such significant problem of global pollution,” said Cam when referring to the 3D-Printed FashionTech project taking place in London.

The Bottletop store in London is not 3D-printed in full, like its ‘sister offices’ in Dubai. However, by using recycled materials in the printing process alone makes this project achieve a similar impact in its own right.

Latest 3D-Printed FashionTech store of Bottletop brand in London

“At the physical level, you can say that we are converting plastic waste from India and Africa into a luxurious construction. But deeper than that, together with our partners, we are questioning the status quo,” Cam added.

“We believe that supporting the circular economy and zero-waste design philosophy through projects like the ‘Sustainable 3D-Printed FashionTech’ in London is the only answer to achieving a more sustainable future and a safer environment for our children.”

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