Reshape 2019 Competition – The Wearable Tech Contest You Can’t Miss!

Bruce Knox

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Reshape 2019 competition, is the world’s premier event for innovators in fashion and smart devices. Building the last year’s huge success, this edition will showcase and award an A-list of innovators in fashion and connected devices.

Organised by Noumena in collaboration with INDUSTRY – ‘From Needs to Solutions’, Fira Barcelona, and IED Barcelona, the event’s main role is to provide access to unparalleled resources and expertise to its large pool of participants. Moreover, the ‘graduates’ gain recognition for their work on a global scale.

The team at Noumena has always been at the forefront of innovation; seeking in advance solutions to the inherent problems a world of interconnected humans and machines will face.

A world of augmentation, AR, VR, mixed reality, wearables, smart devices, e-textiles, which will fundamentally change the perception of our ecosystem, our bodies, leading to new social behaviours and types of interactions.

That’s why events like these are so important. This edition of the event, RESHAPE V, concentrates the participants in two core categories:

1. Wearable Technology Category

reshape 2019 wearable technology

For the Wearable Technology track, the focus is on clothing solutions that establish a connection with the environment. Expect innovations in programmable materials, biotechnology applications,  innovative textiles, wearable electronics, and even prosthetic applications, with a mediating function between the body and its needs.

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2. Smart Product Category

Reshape 2019 smart fashion

Smart Product category caters to all creatives and designers interested in product solutions promoting well-being and health care and in a wide range of applications, from sports to automotive and medical devices.

The key construct here is the ability of the product to mediate the relationship between the forces shaping our environment by monitoring, sensing, and interacting with both, the physical and digital worlds.

Reshape Forum

All projects will be assessed by a team of international experts with distinguished academic qualifications and excellent professional background in the fields of Wearable Technology, Fashion, and Manufacturing.

Bradly Klerk Dunn
The former CEO of Iris van Herpen, a high-couture fashion label famous for its innovative experiments with materials, techniques and technologies, Bradly is in charge of all the IvH Couture shows, exhibitions and international media events.

Anastasia Pistofidou
Anastasia is the Director of the FabTextile research lab, and the Fabricademy, a textile and technology academy. Anastasia’s unique expertise in both, analogue and digital, is reflected in her research on new materials, art, and textiles.

Valerie Bergeron
Director of Materfad-materials centre of Barcelona, at the FAD- Fostering Arts and Design, Valérie coordinates all exhibitions related to Materfad activities. She also lectures on architecture, museography and innovative materials for different professional and educational programs.

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The Prize

Not only that Reshape 2019 competition connects designers with industry key players, but it is also giving support and invaluable expertise helping them scale up fast with minimum costs and effort. Accordingly, there are two nominations for each category.

The winners will be awarded:

  1. Two scholarships* (value: 6.000 Euro) for the ‘Design for Wearables’ postgraduate program at IED Barcelona.
  2. A monetary prize of 1.000 Euros.
  3. An invitation at the Reshape Forum where they’ll meet key industry leaders, and be able to present their projects to the audience.

The shortlisted projects will be showcased at Reshape Exhibition and invited to the Reshape Networking night.


Start of Competition( April 11, 2019)
Close Registration ( July 12, 2019 )
Close Participation ( August 26, 2019)
Announcement Notification Winners and Honorable mention ( September 18, 2019)
Reshape Forum (October 29-31, 2019)

*100% scholarship program for the Wearable Technology category winner and 50% scholarship program for the Product Design category winner. The inscription fee is not included on the Scholarship prize.

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  1. I like reshape competition but why is it not in London?