Goldstein Fashion Collection – At The Intersection Of 3D Printing With Sustainable Design

Mandy Meyer

Ganit Goldstein is the finalist of the 2018 Arts of Fashion Competition in San Francisco, California and a graduate of Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. She’s also one of only eleven designers asked to parade their collections in Hong Kong at the Sustainable Fashion Design competition where she took the 2nd place.

Ganit Goldstein is using 3D printing with new techniques to create some of the most innovative textiles on the market.

Ganit Goldstein 3D printed collection on catwalk Ganit Goldstein 3D printed collection on catwalk

“Technology lets me express myself. With 3D printing, you can create then return to add more layers,” said Goldstein.

“I believe in the use of technology to better the world of fashion and to think more about the environment. To think about more sustainable systems, with no manufacturing leftovers,” said Goldstein.

Ganit Goldstein 3D printed clothes Ganit Goldstein 3D printed shoes

Goldstein follows on the footsteps of Danit Peleg, another Israeli designer that uses 3D printing to create fashion apparel that draws television appearances and commissions all over the world.

While Goldstein doesn’t see herself as a fashion designer, but rather as a technology developer for the fashion world, her latest collection of clothing and shoes has received lots of accolades from the fashion experts, in particular, the 3D printed ‘wooden’ sandals.

Ganit Goldstein 3D printed shoes collection Ganit Goldstein 3D printed shoes

To find out about Goldstein’s latest collection and innovative fashion garments, make sure you visit her official website.

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