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Philips Partners With Amazon In Digital Health And IoE

From all Amazon digital health partners, Philips is a special one. Philips is a global healthcare provider with a focus on consumer lifestyle and services.

Philips is reinventing the healthcare for billions of people around the world. To keep up with the competition and the latest technological developments, Philips has developed Philips HealthSuite, a digital care platform, built on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

You might know AWS ( Amazon Web Services) as the servers that run Spotify, CIA,, Netflix, Instagram, etc. Servers that run in the background, silent, invisible and powerful. When launched, nine years ago, AWS was the first of such cloud service. In 2015, AWS dominates the market.

Most healthcare providers, around the world, are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) every day. It helps them deliver improved care to their patients.

It reduces the time and effort required to run existing workloads. It provides access to powerful analytics. And it does it all while meeting the security and privacy requirements you expect.

There Is No IoE Without Digital Persona

HealthSuite Digital Platform IoE

Philips is not interested only in digital health but IoT (Internet of Things) too. Philips is one of the first companies that adopted the “digital persona” concept and its importance in the IoE (Internet of Everything) context.

Philips already has the IoT infrastructure. Smart homes, intelligent connected objects and appliances, smart embedded sensors, all of these combined with its digital health data would finally create the digital persona. One link was still missing, and that was the data processing platform. Until now.

Amazon’s latest AWS IoT provide secure, bi-directional communication between Internet-connected things (such as sensors, actuators, embedded devices, or smart appliances) and the AWS cloud, above mentioned.

Finally, thanks to AWS IoT, Amazon digital health partners – Philips here – can collect telemetry data from multiple IoT devices, wearables, fashion tech, digital health, store, analyse and convert the data into a complete digital persona.

Not only that, but Amazon digital health partners can now create applications that let their users control any smart-sensor devices from their phones or tablets.

Philips And Amazon Partners In IoE

Philips Digital Health platform is capable to stores and analyse 15 PB (petabytes) of patient data, gathered from 390 million imaging studies, medical records, and patient inputs and finally provide healthcare companies with actionable data, which they can use to impact directly patient care.

Amazon To Have The First IoE Platform

At this moment, Philips Digital Health global platform grows at the rate of one petabyte per month. Once connected to IoT (smart homes, smart appliances) and Fashion Tech (wearables, smart fabrics) Philips second generation platform will become the first IoE platform in the world.

“The digital health revolution and the power of the Internet of Things offer tremendous opportunities to transform how we deliver care.” Jeroen Tas, CEO of Philips Healthcare Informatics, Solutions, and Services.

“By unleashing data from IoT, connected devices and digital health records, combined with analytics, valuable insights into how we can live and age well can be uncovered.”

Philips is collaborating not only with Amazon but also with major technology companies, academic medical centres and even patient advocates in its quest for IoE.

Philips, together with Amazon, is hoping to achieve global scale coverage and accelerate the realisation of “digital persona”. The health continuum through IoE, from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and home care.

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