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This Is Why Lululemon Is So Expensive! (3 Key Ingredients)

Mandy Meyer

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Lululemon is one of the most expensive athleisure brands right now.

In fact, it is more expensive than leading luxury athleisure labels such as Fenty PUMA, Tory Sport, and Versace Gym.

Lululemon’s most expensive pieces are the limited edition ones; hoodies, pants, and jackets are often reaching prices of up to £1500 on sites like eBay.

Lululemon is expensive thanks to three simple ingredients: innovative materials, clever media scandals, and marketing strategy aiming to create a ‘cult-like’ brand image.

This article details on each ingredient and its role in creating Lululemon’s high price tag.

Material Innovations

Research in fitness apparel has shown that buyers expect two things from their outfits:

  1. Performance – an outfit that holds up during any exercises.

  2. Comfort and Style – apparel that feels and looks great.

To achieve activewear of excellent comfort, style and performance, Lululemon has a dedicated research and development centre in Vancouver, Canada.

Lululemon whitespace lab

Lululemon testing expert at the label’s ‘Whitespace’ lab

Named the ‘Whitespace Lab’, here is where apparel experts experiment with nylon, Lycra, spandex, and elastane.

Moreover, Lululemon’s science lab has exercise machines, humidity-controlled chambers, and dunk pools.

These machines are needed to test all Lululemon products.

Clever Media Scandals

There’s a saying that “any scandal is good, as long as it creates publicity”.

This saying worked wonders for Lululemon’s brand image, and here is why.

The brand has gained a lot of media attention thanks to Chip Wilson’s (brand founder) ‘tongue-in-cheek’ comments about women bodies…

Lululemon Founder Chip Wilson Blames Women's Bodies for Yoga Pant Problems

… and ‘controversial’ views on child labour.

Lululemon Founder Chip Wilson supporting child labour

Carefully crafted, these comments helped Lululemon gain media attention.

Media attention meant criticism but also fans.

It also meant a lot of brand recognition, high demand, and sales.

Aspirational Brand Image

Last but not least, what made Lululemon worth the high price tag was the brand’s strategy to achieve ‘cult-like’ status.

Rather than spending money on publicity – it was already done by global media for free – Lululemon used the funds to create collaborative collections with celebrities.

Celebrities wearing Lululemon - Kim Kardashian wearing Lululemon X11

Kim Kardashian wearing Lululemon X11.

Celebrities wearing Lululemon - Gisele Bundchen wearing Lululemon Tadasana

Gisele Bundchen wearing Lululemon Tadasana.

Celebrities wearing Lululemon - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing Lululemon zip up jacket and cropped workout pants

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing Lululemon zip-up jacket and cropped workout pants.

It was this strategy that helped Lululemon gain serious brand power.

Lululemon’s limited editions, created with – and for – celebrities, have turned this brand into one of the most popular and desired athleisure labels in the world right now.

Roksanda Ilincic collaboration with Lululemon

Roksanda Ilincic x Lululemon collaboration.

In conclusion, Lululemon’s products are so expensive thanks to the brand’s powerful image, carefully created thanks to these three ingredients:

1. Material innovation.
2. Clever media scandals.
3. Cult-like image via collabs with key celebrities.

With the hope I’ve answered your question to ‘why is Lululemon so expensive’, I’d love to hear from you:

What is it that you love the most about Lululemon brand?

What is your favourite Lululemon product?

Do you recommend the brand or what else do you wear?

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