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Tokyo’s Celebrities Putting Japanese Upcycled Fashion On The Main Stage


Japanese Upcycled Fashion

Japanese Upcycled Fashion. Tokyo has been one of the most eclectic fashion cities for a very long time now. Tokyo’s street styles alone are out of this world.

The city has a rare sense of mixing and matching that translates into some extreme forms that highly original inspired by the Japanese culture. In Tokyo, fashion enthusiasts love mixing their garments, in combos comprising high-end with fast fashion, new with vintage, and more recently, spotless brand spanking new creations with upcycled fashion.

Similarly, Tokyo’s celebs wear everything. From refreshed vintage upcycled patches to reclaimed old jeans, Japanese Upcycled Fashion is taking over the country and the world, in a move from the streets of Tokyo into the epicentre of Japanese fashion, Tokyo Fashion Week.

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