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Throwaway Fashion – Britons Spend Over £2bn ‘Wear Once’ Christmas Clothes


Throwaway Fashion

Throwaway Fashion. According to a recent study from the environmental charity, Hubbub, British consumers are going to spend for this year’s Christmas party and festive season over £2.4bn on new outfits. And yet, most of the garments they’ll buy won’t be worn more than three times.

On average, each Briton will spend £73.90 on partywear for the festive period, and one in five admit the outfits they buy are only for this year’s party, never to be worn again.

The findings showcase the environmental and financial problem caused by the throwaway fashion, and growing concerns that the fashion industry continues to accelerate the climate crisis.

With consumers increasingly bombarded with Christmas advertising, the charity is urging shoppers to consider either second-hand fashion, swapping with friends, and even renting outfits rather than purchasing brand new ones.

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