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Rebook Vegan Sneakers – Experts Predict Sustainable Fashion Craze In 2020


Rebook Vegan Sneakers

Rebook Vegan Sneakers. The fast-food industry was shaken up in 2019 by meatless vegan products. Now, experts declare that the next year’s game-changer in sustainable consumer goods are the ‘vegan-based’ products, in particular, plant-based shoes.

In confirmation to their predictions, last week, Reebok – an Adidas company since 2005 – has unveiled its first plant-based running shoe. Named the Floatride GROW, Reebok vegan sneakers are expected to hit the stores in the fall of 2020.

Reebok vegan sneakers come up after two years of Reebok’s first start ‘vegan’shoes, a version of its famous Newport (NP) Classic shoes, but made only with cotton and corn. This upgraded version of Floatride GROW’s upper part is made from eucalyptus, and the soles are from a combo of castor beans and natural rubber

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