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Ninety-nine Per Cent of Ocean Plastic Has Gone Missing


Plastic ocean

Ninety-nine per cent of ocean plastic has gone missing, and that’s so strange, knowing that every year, we discard over eight million tons of plastic waste into the world’s oceans.

As most plastic floats, you would expect it to keep accumulating on the water’s surface, similar to the ‘Garbage Patch’ of Great Pacific. Sadly, a recent study shows that more than 99% of plastic waste ends up buried on the seafloor.

From there, deep ocean life such as scavenger fish, red crabs, and giant larvaceans eat it. As plastic is not digestible, the ocean plastic gets coated in heavy mucous and pooped out back in the water.

However, researchers say, in the digestive system, most plastic degrade into nano plastic particles, often smaller than a cell. In time, the nano plastic particles accumulate in the tissues of fish, plants, and other living creatures, causing neurological or reproductive issues.

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