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Karlie Kloss Launches Fashion Hoodie To Empower STEM Girls


Karlie Kloss Kode More hoodies

Karlie Kloss (an American fashion model) has partnered with the British fashion designer Shantell Martin to launch a limited edition hoodie dedicated to a charity cause.

The fashion hoodie has white prints at the front, featuring various coding symbols and the words ‘Kode More’ in celebration of ‘Computer Science Education Week’ and Karlie’s coding initiative.

Interesting to know is that Shantell has a good background in technology and coding and talking to ‘People’, an online celebrity magazine, Karlie Kloss said:

Shantell is such an incredible artist and the best to re-design and re-imagine the outdated coder hoodie. She has designed something that reflects the next generation of leaders in tech and fashion.”

Read the full article on Fashion.ie >

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