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Is The Term ‘Sustainable Influencer’ An Oxymoron?


Sustainable influencer

Sustainable Influencer. According to Klear, a dedicated influencer intelligence platform, a user having between 500 and 5,000 followers is a nano-influencer while over 20,000 followers, makes one a ‘power influencer‘.

Ellie Hughes is somehow in the middle. With her10,400 Instagram followers, she is, according to Klear, a micro-influencer. However, Hughes, a Portland, Oregon resident, that started blogging — and influencing — in 2016, hates the concept of a sustainable influencer.

While dealing with big brands such as Everlane, Nisolo, and Vetta – to introduce them to her readers – Ellie Hughes reached a point of conflict.

She began to struggle with the idea of influencing her audience to buy more, but without supporting unethical labour, landfill waste, animal cruelty, air and water pollution that all these brands were indirectly linked to. So the question is, is there such thing as ‘sustainable influencer’?

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