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Fur-Free Karl Lagerfeld – A Change Much Awaited


Fur-free Karl Lagerfeld - WTVOX Magazine

Fur-free Karl Lagerfeld, as the label has finally said goodbye to fur of animal origin. Touching 96 countries with its online store ‘www.karl.com’, and over 100 mono-brand points of sale all over the world, in key cities such as London, Paris, New York, Dubai, Moscow, and Shanghai, the brand’s decision to ditch fur will have a profound impact on future designers and consumers alike.

According to PETA, the cruelty-free change of heart also includes the entire AM Retail Group and the rest of its sister-companies such as G.H. Bass & Co., Wilsons Leather, DKNY stores, Calvin Klein Performance, and Karl Lagerfeld Paris.

The decision comes after years of ongoing campaigns to convince Karl and all related brands to ditch fur of animal origin. Even the group’s ardent supporters reached out to the designer in 1995, asking for a fur-free Karl Lagerfeld brand, by trying to persuade him to stop using animal fur in his creations designs. Yet, with no success, not until now.

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