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Fashion Climate Crisis – 2019, The Year When Things Got Serious


Fashion Climate Crisis

Fashion climate crisis. Could 2019 go down as the year that fashion finally started to take the climate crisis seriously? The year of 2019 has seen sustainability as the word on everyone’s lips.

2019 has seen everything ‘fashion climate crisis’ related: heated discussions about the growing number of scientists giving us an ultimatum on CO2 emissions. Documentaries such as The True Cost. Growing numbers of consumers aware of the impact their fashion choices are having on the planet. Greta Thunberg gathering millions of people around the world to take their pro-environmental protests to the streets.

All of these have shown to the world a hidden face of fashion. A world of colossal accidents in factories all over the world. Massive problems caused by the use of plastic. The question is, has the industry has begun to fix the collapsing pieces of this giant ‘Fashio climate crisis’ puzzle?

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