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Breaking The Norms With High Heels for Men


Marc Jacobs high heels for men

High heels for men, a new gender-free fashion trend or next level showmanship? There’s no doubt that the stiletto heel is still used to verbalise what it means to be a feminine woman in contemporary times.

And yet, the hight heels for men are taking over as since 2017 sales have been on the rise. And, according to Lyst.co.uk, ‘men’s heels’ searches are also up by 30%.

Earlier last year, Sam Smith posted a photo of his heeled boots with the caption: “There was a time when I thought, I’ll never be able to express the true myself in front of the industry, or anyone. And yet, tonight I wore high heels for the first time at an award show.”

Then, a few months later in October, Johannes Radebe wore stiletto heels on Strictly Come Dancing, in a choreographed tribute to New York’s Ballroom scene, and guess what? A large number of Twitters praised him for “shutting down toxic masculinity across the UK in 2 minutes”.

After makeup for men, are we seeing a new style trend taking shape in ‘high heels for men’?

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