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Top 5 Vegan Fashion Celebrities Pushing For A Cruelty-Free World


Top 5 vegan fashion celebrities you need to know about. Things are moving fast in the fashion landscape, hopefully in the right direction. There’s more diversity on the runway, from the skin colour and the genders/genderless models to the paraded body shapes. There are better ethics, from the way companies procure materials, to the way they treat their workers.

There’s more product innovation, from the latest tech-infused products to the next generation of sustainable and eco-friendly materials. But the most fascinating of all, it is the cruelty-free movement that’s winning over the fashion industry.

Cruelty-free luxury fashion

Cruelty-free fashion is a movement spearheaded by global stars and celebrities, including Emma Watson and Miley Cyrus, urging millions of followers to embrace cruelty-free fashion labels whenever possible. And it works!

If you’re still unsure of your stance, cruelty-free or not, from a fashion perspective, or if you want to learn more about the cruelty-free movement in fashion, we’ve put together a Top 10 Vegan Fashion Celebrities rocking the cruelty-free conscious vibe.

1. Top 10 Vegan Fashion Celebrities – Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus vegan fashion

A usual of the Met Gala show, Miley Cyrus has arrived at this year’s event dressed in a fabulous angular-style dress, designed in green and black colours by the ever so amazing Anthony Vaccarello, Saint Laurent’s creative director.

The dress was matched to perfection with a pair of vegan shoes created by the same luxury house in the brand’s towering Paige-high platform sandals style.

“I am so excited to be here again, part of this unique moment and show the world that we don’t have to be torture animals to look fabulous.”

Miley Cyrus vegan fashion

It is not the first time when Miley Cyrus uses fashion to impress the Met Gala guests and shift them to cruelty-free fashion.

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Last year the singer paraded the stage in a mesmerising sustainable satin gown made by the British designer Stella McCartney.

2. Top 10 Vegan Fashion Celebrities – Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone vegan fashion

Alicia Silverstone is an influential veganism advocate. The star wrote in 2011 ‘The Kind Diet’ a core vegan boon in which she explains why we should all adopt a plant-based diet.

More recently, the star has defined guidelines for those who want to buy clothes that are eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

“Veganism is more than food. It is a lifestyle that encapsulates anything. Your clothes, shoes, accessories; anything! The first guideline is to avoid killing animals or creating more waste. Always choose cruelty-free and eco-friendly materials,” she added.

Alicia Silverstone vegan fashion

Moreover, the ‘Clueless’ actress has put her son, Bear Blu, on a vegan diet, as well, as explained in a video for the nonprofit Farm Sanctuary’s Compassionate Meals.

“Knowing where our food comes from is disturbing to me. Once you see the horrors, there’s no way back”, she says.

3. Top 10 Vegan Fashion Celebrities – Emma Watson

Emma Watson vegan fashion

Emma Watson is one of the first vegan fashion celebrities in Hollywood. The British star began interested in vegan fashion when she was in school.

“When I’ve learned about fair trade in school, I immediately asked why it is not the standard business practice for business from all over the world”, said Emma Watson.

Back in 2015, Emma embarked on the ‘Green Carpet Challenge’, where she decided that all of her red carpet apparels would be cruelty-free and sustainable.

Since then, Emma wore iconic vegan outfits, as it was the case of 2016 Met Gala.

She was wearing a Calvin Klein dress made from recycled plastic bottles, and in 2017 she wore an Emilia Wickstead ‘Beauty and the Beast’ gown, created from end-of-line textiles.

Emma Watson vegan fashion

In 2018, the star wore various Stella McCartney vegan creations, justifying her choice for Stella as the ‘designer of the future.’

“Stella McCartney is an ethical fashion designer. All her creations cruelty-free and made from eco-friendly, innovative materials.”

Emma Watson vegan fashion

While famous for her acting career, Emma’s humanitarian efforts have taken the spotlight in recent years.

The Harry Potter star has been an ardent militant for women equality for a long time now:

“Feminism is not a stick to beat other women with. It’s about liberation, equality, about giving women freedom and power of choice.”

4. Top 10 Vegan Fashion Celebrities – Kate Mara

Kate Mara vegan fashion

The ‘House of Cards’ star is a lifelong animal lover. After reading Kimberly Snyder’s book called ‘The Beauty Detox Solution’ Mara was convinced that eating or wearing animals has to end for her, once and for all:

“The animal activist in me felt a responsibility to make the right choices – about what I’m putting into my body and about what I wear,” she said.

Out of compassion for animals, Mara has removed all products of animal origin from both her diet and her fashion choices.

Kate Mara vegan fashion

Mara admits that her closet isn’t 100 per cent vegan, as she has garments that she’s emotionally attached to.

She won’t wear them, but she’s considering the idea of donating them to charity:

“Never worn fur, and I’m very much against it, but I also know that leather is probably just as bad. However, I still have some leather items, but I am gradually getting rid of them. I’ve also stopped buying leather products anymore”, she said.

5. Top 10 Vegan Fashion Celebrities – Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde vegan fashion

A vegan since the age of 12, the American actress, producer, director, and activist is a keen promoter of cruelty-free fashion and conscious clothing.

In 2011, following her divorce from Prince Tao Ruspoli, an Italian filmmaker and musician, Olivia went pescatarian for a short while “to comfort her broken soul”.

Olivia Wilde vegan fashion

In a more recent interview, Olivia revealed that awareness is key to a better world.

She said that she’s fully vegan again, adding that to her, veganism is a lifestyle that included our choices for what we wear.

“To me, ‘conscious’ means a lifestyle of no cruelty towards animals. All food and apparel must be made with awareness for the environment, people and animals”, she said.

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Now, when we know where ‘things; are coming from, we are eating more consciously.

“But, in terms of fashion, there’s still very little awareness of animal cruelty, waste, and labour abuse. Consciousness is living with more awareness,” the American star added.

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