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Will.i.am Vegan Rap – VGANG Movement Takeover?

Aidan Russell

Will.i.am is on a life-changing course. He’s going vegan, by rapping this time! While the American celebrity singer has gone officially vegan in 2017, following a diagnosis showing high cholesterol and out of control blood pressure, he finally decided to take it to another level and release a politically charged single with his ‘Black Eyed Peas’ band.

Detailing on his decision to go vegan, Will.i.am said:

“After we finished filming The Voice in December 2017, I went home and decided to change my lifestyle and that how I’ve become vegan. But little I knew that such a decision would change not just my body weight, but the way I see the world around me, from that point on.”

And just as he indicates at in the new song, ‘Vibrations’, since then Will.i.am has become discovered the physical health benefits of veganism, as well as its ethical side:

“I ain’t chewing on no food, with two eyes and a face…Got a new attitude, gotta stay elevated.”

Launched in collaboration with his band, ‘Black Eyed Peas’, their new hit ‘Vibrations pt.1 pt.2’ is a return to the group’s hip-hop roots. The video is simple, with a focus on nature; waterfall close-ups and green hills, without any futuristic elements as seen in the band’s previous clips and Will.i.am can be seen in the clip munching on an apple and rapping: “You eat the yellowtail, I’ma eat the plant-based!”

The rapper is also behind the creation of the ‘VGANG’ which according to his definition is a “hardcore gangster group with a positive approach to wellness and conscious living.”

Together with the ‘VGANG’ group, Will.i.am questioned the ethics of killing animals for food and skins, uncovered and showcased corruption in the food and fashion industry. ” Going vegan has changed my life, and I would encourage everybody to have a plant-based regiment,” he said in a recent interview.

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