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Rooney Mara Secrets – Looking Stunning While Doing Good


How to be a conscious consumer by Rooney Mara. Rooney Mara is a globally recognised media icon, not only for being a gifted actress but also, an animal-rights activist, and ethical fashion designer.

Nominated for key roles in Carol and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by major associations including the Academy Awards and British Academy Film Awards, Mara’s humanitarian portfolio includes an Oxfam ‘ambassadorship’ and the Uweza Foundation presidency.

But, there are some tips to Mara’s power of conquering the red carpet, the silver screen and keep going with the humanitarian work.

1. Rooney Mara Gluten-free Diet for a Flawless Complexion

Rooney Mara sustainable living

Mara’s choice for a vegan diet has endless ethical and health-rich benefits but one of the most evident in her brighter complexion.

This initial choice has benefited Mara is so many ways including saving big on cosmetics:

“Anyway, I try not to use a lot of products because my skin is so sensitive. But, by eating healthy, I’ve realised that my skin no longer needs make-up products,” the star confessed.

2. Rooney Mara Workout Routine for a Lean Physique

Rooney Mara conscious lifestyle

Mara’s key to getting a lean, strong, and injury-free body is through cross-training.

The star goes for hikes, does hot yoga (which she finds therapeutic), pilates and ballet with Andie Hecker, the founder of Ballet Bodies religiously.

3. The Banging Brows of Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara conscious lifestyle

According to the actor herself, the secret to a wow factor lies in the eyebrows. It creates a younger, more natural, and sophisticated look at the red carpet events.

But, to achieve bold and well-defined eyebrows, one needs time. A lot of time and a professional makeup artist.

Eyebrow expert Jimena Garcia says ‘even the most subtle arch shaping can be instantly transformative’, revealing that Mara lets her arch hairs grow for at least 2 months before tapering them towards the end.

4. Pairing Lips to the Skin for an Ethereal Look

Rooney Mara top sustainable fashion tips

On the red carpet, Rooney is known for her 90’s Gothic look. But, it isn’t a look that everyone can pull off and there are three major requirements to achieve such an elegant theme: dark hair, porcelain skin, and matching lips.


  • Hairstyle: Dark and neat.
  • Skin: Porcelain-like, even out the skin tone with light to medium coverage foundation
  • Lips: Dark-red cherry, resist the urge to contour.

Although there are numerous combinations of hairstyles and beauty products that can achieve a similar look, many professionals and celebrities including Mara are only using cruelty-free and vegan products.

To Mara, the products she uses must be natural and cruelty-free because, one the one hand it affects her skin, and on the other hand, because the way it affects the overall industry and our future.

5. No to Leather, Yes to Cruelty-free Couture

Rooney Mara sustainable fashion label, Hiraeth

Why animal skins, fur, or silk? What benefits do these bring to your wardrobe? Being a conscious fashion consumer will allow you to be proud of how you look.

At that time, after choosing the vegan lifestyle Mara found it difficult to find cruelty-free and eco-friendly clothing of quality, that resonates with her beliefs and lifestyle. Her solution was to create her own high-end cruelty-free fashion label, Hiraeth.

Now, as the fashion industry is moving very fast towards sustainability and cruelty-free creations, Mara gives props to Stella McCartney for being a pioneer and such a force pushing for a change.

6. Sustainability is the New Sexy!

Rooney Mara vegan designer fashion

Eco-friendly textiles and materials are trending on ‘Red Carpet’ events. Eco-friendly clothing project conscious consumerism stories about emerging fashion designers, it tells us more about their beliefs and future goals.

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Similarly, Mara pushes for designs that challenge the norms of traditional fashion by uniting elegance and aesthetics with ecological and environmental beliefs.

7. Be Kind, be Conscious

Rooney Mara conscious living

Mara advocates for a ‘touch’ of veganism, eco-consciousness,consumers becoming more environmentally conscious, charity, and even animal-rights involvement. Not to show off but as a lifestyle. She says:

“Remember, everything you eat, drink, wear and do, dictates your lifestyle. Dictates who you are. Believe and act for a better future.”

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