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Lewis Hamilton – Pursuing A Vegan Formula One


Talking about the power of celebrities when it comes to change the world we live in, it seems that Lewis Hamilton is about to persuade Mercedes-Benz to ditch animal leather from all its products.

Known for encouraging his follower to embrace a more sustainable and cruelty-free lifestyle in general, the vegan driver said his next target is Formula One.

Lewis Hamilton is in advanced discussions with Mercedes-Benz bosses about finding ways to remove entirely leather and animal-based products from existing and future Mercedes cars.

Speaking to ‘Options’ – a Malaysian lifestyle publication, Hamilton said: “I had a call with the CEO of Mercedes today. We’ve talked about possible ways of getting rid of all leather fittings in the cars.”

While it might seem insignificant, the climate change, Formula One alone has a significant carbon footprint.

“I am trying to get my team and others involved in Formula 1 to become more conscious. “Mercedes-Benz is a huge organisation, and together we can push for a cruelty-free and sustainable industry”, Hamilton continued.

The British athlete broaches with regularity sensitive subjects such as animal rights and environmentalism on social media, and he is an outspoken vegan advocate.

Last year, Lewis Hamilton had a part in ‘The Game Changers’ vegan documentary, as one of the producers. The movie explores the myth that one cannot become a high-performance athlete without animal protein.

Lewis Hamilton Vegan

Moreover, by the end, the film shows – with medical evidence – that the animal-based diet is detrimental to performance athletes.

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The rising consumer demand for vegan car interiors supports Hamilton’s pursuit of vegan cars. Many car companies have already embarked a more sustainable and cruelty-free approach in the making of their vehicles such as Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Porsche, and even Bentley.

For example, Volvo’s latest electric ‘Polestar 2’ car is 100 per cent vegan. Earlier this year, Nissan has introduced to media the design of its future electric vehicle, featuring a fully vegan-leather interior.

And, on a recent announcement, Tesla states that the company’s Model 3 and Model Y electric cars will become fully vegan by 2020.

It seems that veganism goes hand in hand with electric, at least in the auto industry. And, we couldn’t stop thinking, ‘how long before we watch electric cars racing on Formula One?’ What do you think, is Lewis Hamilton going to succeed?

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