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Joaquin Phoenix Oscar Speech – ‘Politicisation Of Everything?

Mandeep Sidhu

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Joaquin Phoenix Oscar Speech is taking the internet by storm!

It’s undeniable that Joaquin Phoenix has been on an unstoppable awards-race and season run in 2020.

The American actor has won the Best Actor at this year’s Oscars, BAFTAs, Golden Globe, and the Critics’ Choice Award.

From those events, we’ve put together his best speeches relating to animal welfare, sustainability and climate crisis.

Joaquin Phoenix Oscar Speech

Joaquin’s emotional speech at the Oscars, in acceptance for the Best Actor awards, was an open pledge for unity and purpose among his fellow actors.

“We believe, or are made to believe, that we fight for different causes. But, whether we’re fighting for queer rights, gender inequality, racism, indigenous rights, or animal rights, we’re all fight the same war. A war against injustice,” said Joaquin as he accepted the best actor Academy Award for ‘Joker’.

Joaquin Phoenix oscars 2020 speech on animal justice

Behind The Mask

You might say, “All those awards for his bravura performance in the ‘Joker’ movie?!”

Not so fast! If you didn’t get it from the video above, the awards that Joaquin Phoenix has received this year are built on something else.

A ‘something else’ that makes him such a unique individual and so much loved by the public.

That ‘something else’ are the causes he fights for: animal cruelty, racism, climate crisis, and everything in between that takes this world to a better place.

Joaquin Phoenix with Rooney Mara at Oscars 2020 red carpet

But what made Joaquin become such a force for good? Raised by ‘hippie’ parents, Joaquin became a vegan at the age of three.

According to him, the event of witnessing a fisherman mistreating his catch has caused an emotional trauma that has had profound consequences ever since.

The ‘Politicisation Of Everything’?

However, Joaquin Phoenix has critics too. Some accuse him of being part of a growing trend called the ‘politicisation of everything’.

To them, this is a growing movement where everyone, from sports stars to social media influencers and musicians, ‘speak out’ on all sorts of politically-infused issues.

“Without base, knowledge, or expertise”, as Greta Thunberg’s protests were branded on social media, also criticised for having the courage to speak out.

To these critics, the aim of these individuals is not to cause change. Apparently, they don’t care much.

What they care about is to gain popularity and a cult-like following that would eventually convert into more fame and money.

Joaquin Phoenix speech at Bafta 2020 on racism

Joaquin Phoenix Oscar – Me, Me, Me

Others argue that Joaquin’s actions are relating to a more selfish nature. An issue of the self.

Something to do with his identity, virtue, and his real or imagined oppression.

It is the ‘me, me, me’ matter. The invisible consequence of the Hollywood lifestyle, one that requires a narcissistic mentality that the masses find it all so irresistible and appealing.

Joaquin Phoenix Golden Globes 2020 speech on Veganism and climate change

The ‘Loudest’ Place To Speak

The truth is, the red carpet has become the favourite place for stars to make bold political statements.

Many celebrities before Joaquin have started charities and fundraising campaigns on stage.

It is the ‘loudest’ place to seek support. Be that for money to stop bush fires, to ease the pain and suffering immigrants, or to combat ocean plastic pollution.

Regardless of the reasons behind celebrities’ decisions to speak on stage and make bold statements about waste and animal cruelty, – be those reasons related to the self, ego, growing trends, or political agenda, the final results are all that matters.

And for those results alone, we love Joaquin.

Bravo kind sir, we applaud you for being such a powerful voice for the voiceless.

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