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Five Celebrities Embracing Sustainable Fashion After Covid-19

Natalie Wilson

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While carbon emission is descending due to the lockdowns, many people have realised how important is embracing sustainable fashion in particular and lifestyle in general.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has brought destruction on us in several different ways.

Apart from the more obvious ones, such as overcrowded hospitals and staggering numbers of deaths, the unemployment is on the rise signalling a potential economic collapse.

But amidst all of the pain and misery, there have been some unexpected positives as a result of the pandemic.

For one thing, there has been somewhat of a positive influence on the climate.

Climate change post covid-19

The N02 levels in the atmosphere have dropped significantly on a global scale, and that’s remarkable to see.

Now while it remains up for debate whether or not the positive effect is going to last once we return to previous ‘normals’, it’s certainly an eye-opener.

Post pandemic, it is likely you’ll scrutinise some of your habits in more detail.

In particular, the food you eat, the transport you use, and the clothes you wear.

Now, it is not just you seeking to make a change for better, but global celebrities are in this with you.

Here are five stars already embracing the sustainable fashion movement:

Emma Watson

At one point, Emma Watson was arguably the most wanted actress in the game.

A consistent high-billed name in one of the biggest film franchises in the history of cinema, everybody knew who Emma Watson was.

And she didn’t take that notoriety for granted.

Emma Watson sustainable fashion style

For years, Watson has been using the media platform to speak up about some of the most ardent issues plaguing the planet.

Emma is passionate about women’s rights, education, and of course, environmental sustainability.

In the past, Emma has been working with several ethical fashion companies such as People Tree, and eco-friendly designers like Alberta Ferretti.

Moreover, since her most recent success in 2017’s Beauty and the Beast, Emma has vowed that at every red carpet event she’s going to attend, she will wear exclusively garments that were sustainably produced.

Olivia Wilde

Much like Emma Watson, Olivia Wilde is no stranger to speaking up about controversial topics.

In this sense, Olivia has taken a forthright but thoughtful strategy in her approach to fighting for gender equality and women rights.

But Olivia’s fight for women expands in particular in the realm of fashion.

Olivia Wilde Embracing Sustainable Fashion

Her interest in sustainable fashion dates back to 2016 when she was a part of the Conscious Exclusive collection published in the H&M magazine.

Ever since, Olivia has worked with sustainable beauty brands such as Ursa Major and True Botanicals and kept encouraging people to seek awareness and a better understanding of where their clothes were coming from.

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Rooney Mara

Alongside her sister Kate and long-term partner Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara is an advocate for what’s become known as the vegan fashion movement.

A couple of years ago, Mara launched her own conscious fashion brand known as Hiraeth.

Rooney Mara eco fashion style

Mara’s own fashion label was created in response to animal exploitation and cruelty.

It became increasingly difficult for me to find cruelty-free fashion brands I’d love to wear, or brands whose production lined up with my views on the subject,” said Mara.

On account that many fast fashion labels are doing severe damage to the environment, Mara makes a point of avoiding fast fashion lines too.

Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson has already started embracing sustainable fashion!

Back in 2018, Rosario and her business partner Abrima Erwiah received a grant of $80,000.

The money was for their sustainable fashion brand Studio One Eighty-Nine.

The funding was a significant achievement for the duo, and it was offered by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)

Rosario Dawson Embracing Sustainable Fashion

Two years later, Dawson and Erwiah have become a considerable force in the U.S fashion industry, and that’s not a feat to be taken lightly.

Moreover, Dawson and Erwiah impressed with their well-thought-out programme.

This programme is focused on sustainable manufacturing processes, designed especially for impoverished communities working with traditional techniques.

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Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is already known to the sustainable fashion community, thanks to her ethical and sustainable products, part of The Honest Company.

In the past, Jessica Alba focused heavily on cleaning products, vitamins and babycare products.

Yet, more recently Jessica has taken her expertise to the fashion industry.

Jessica Alba sustainable fashion style

Jessica’s most notable contribution for the bettering of fashion comes in the form of DL 1961 Premium Denim.

The line contains various denim products, including shorts, flared jeans, skinny jeans, and so much more, all made from sustainable materials in most ethical conditions.

Now, that might sound a bit extreme as most of you see Denim as a material produced sustainably.

In reality, producing a classic pair of jeans requires thousands of litres of water and lots of dyes and other toxic chemicals.


Let’s not allow the forced changes brought down on us by the Covid-19 to be wasted in vain. Let’s build on it.

Just remember, it’s not just celebrities helping out here.

You can too by embracing sustainable fashion.

By slowly transitioning into a more sustainable path when choosing your post-pandemic fashion products.

Consider other routes too. Like I mentioned above, you could think about altering your diet, to an animal-friendly one.

Your choice could have a positive impact on the environment and will be very beneficial for your health and well-being too.

Let’s keep an eye on our carbon emissions.

In short, we’re in the middle of a tragedy; there is no question about it.

Yet, it’s also an eye-opener that we can learn from in so many different ways.

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