Bluboo Xwatch – Android Wear Watch For Less Than $100

bluboo xwatch android wear

Bluboo Xwatch – A great Android Wear watch, for less than $100.

There is a growing idea that most Android Wear watches are expensive. It is true, some new watches on Android Wear come with a high price. Think Fossil and Tag Heuer for example. Now you have the picture.

You can say that this is a growing trend, and you might be right. As the fashion takes over the world of tech, the prices will go up. There’s no doubt about that.

However, a Chinese brand, Bluboo, is ready to make the expensive Android Wear watches a thing of the past. Time to check out their new release. The Bluboo Xwatch.

According to the company, the new Bluboo Xwatch is a Sport-oriented smartwatch. In all fairness, you’ll find it quite elegant if you pick the right color.

I am sure you saw some leaked images a few months back. However, today we bring you the real pics and the final specs of the watch.

Bluboo Xwatch – Design And Features

bluboo xwatch design and features

Straight from the start, the Bluboo Xwatch looks great. It has a beautiful 1.3-inch round screen, two side buttons, a body made of metal, and replaceable straps.

Specs wise, the Bluboo Xwatch features 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal memory and a MediaTek processor. Conform to Bluboo, the Xwatch is waterproof and shock resistant too.

If you are not sold yet, the Xwatch has more “aces” up its sleeve. The watch brings to the table its 480mAh battery and a slim body. It is just 9.8mm. As a comparison, the LG Watch Urbane is 11m thick and has a 410mAh battery. Still, one of the largest available on an Android Wear watch to date.

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Inside the Bluboo Xwatch, you’ll also find a 9-axis movement sensor, which includes a gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, altimeter, HR and GPS. Let’s not forget the vibration motor, neat for silent notifications.

Bluboo Xwatch – Price And Release Date

bluboo xwatch release date

What makes the Bluboo Xwatch a watch to have is its price. This new watch running Android Wear will cost you just $99.99. Yes, that’s right. Less than a hundred bucks.

On top of that, you do not have to wait long for the release of the watch. The Bluboo Xwatch is launching this coming May in Asia, followed by the U.S. and then the U.K. in the weeks to come.

If you do not have a smartwatch yet, and you’re rooting for an Android, this is the watch to have. Cheap, good specs and good looking too.



  1. Thehaggie

    15th January 2016 at

    Not sure where the author for his info. Other sites are claiming the xwatch does in fact have GPS and HR.

    • Rebecca Hunt

      15th January 2016 at

      Yes, you are right. The smartwatch features an HR sensor and GPS. Thanks for pointing this out.

  2. Anthony Flemons

    16th January 2016 at

    Other sites are also reporting that it will not run Android wear but full Android?

    • Rebecca Hunt

      16th January 2016 at

      Thank you for your comment, Anthony.

      We got in touch with Bluboo and they made it clear that the Xwatch will run Android Wear.

      • Thehaggie

        27th January 2016 at

        I will believe that when I see it

  3. DBIT

    26th February 2016 at

    Anyone hear anything on when this will be available?

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