Natural Hair Products: Make Your Hair Care Routine Eco-Friendly

Monica Davis

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Natural hair products. Hair care products negatively impact our environment. Thousands of plastic bottles are sent to landfills and oceans. And when we wash and style our hair, we use a significant amount of water and energy. As has been noted, there will be about 12 billion tones of plastic in landfills by 2050.

So, is it possible to go green and get amazing hair at the same time? In this article, you’ll learn more about proactive eco-friendly brands and hair care products

Natural Hair Care Initiatives

Organic Hair Care

Many progressive hair care brands such as Davines, Lush and Aromatica have become committed to ethical consumption, veganism, fair-trade principles, and a conscious lifestyle. Indeed, they use only natural ingredients, green eco-labels, and recyclable packaging that does not harm the environment.

So, what does green consumer behaviour stand for?

1. Sustainable hair care production.

Pesticides and synthetic fertilisers change the structure of plants. In fact, they also harm the body and the environment as a whole. The sustainable status of a company is officially confirmed by certificates from international organisations like Climatop, Ecocert, Ecologo, B Corporation, etc.

For example, L’Oréal is planning to use bio-based bottles made from wood fibres and reduce materials consumption. Procter & Gamble also plans to use FSC-certified fibre for many of its products.

Moreover, Acure, Bottega Organica, MuLondon and other brands refused from palm tree oil and use non-toxic natural ingredients for their shampoos, sprays, and masks.

2. Bio packaging.

Over the last few years, the plastic crisis has worsened. As a result, bags and food plastic are real threats to the ecology of the planet. This has led many companies to consider recycling garbage and waste. Hair care brands have begun to use cardboard, paper, compostable bags, and biodegradable polythene to help our environment. 

3. No chemicals and silicones.

Hair care products contain thousands of hazardous synthetic substances. In fact, these components – parabens, harsh surfactants, oil derivatives – accumulate in, and gradually poison, the body.

Furthermore, toxic pollutants also harm the environment. For example, microbeads found in exfoliating shampoos are being washed into our waterways every day and get into rivers and lakes.

4. Eco-labels.

To obtain a certified eco-label, a company must stop using toxic, dangerous substances, paraffin, silicones, synthetic fragrances, and dyes. Animal tests are also prohibited. In effect, eco-labels enhance brand reputation and increase corporate responsibility.

Natural Hair Care Brands and Products

Shampoos, conditioners, sprays, masks and lotions take up a lot of space in our bathrooms. Eventually, we throw the plastic bottles away, and chemical ingredients contained in hair care products get into landfills and oceans. However, nowadays, the more eco-friendly a company is, the more popular it will be amongst consumers. 

So, what brands are sustainable and eco-friendly?

1. Lush

Lush Natural Hair Product

Lush was one of the first companies to understand the importance of minimising waste from packaging. Today, its packaging is made only of recycled materials.

Additionally, in each Lush store, you can bring empty bottles for recycling; for every five pieces, you’ll get a fresh mask as a gift. You can also avoid bottles by using shampoo bars such as Flyway Hair, Angel Hair, and Coconut Rice Cake. 

2. Prose

Prose Organic Hair Products

Prose hair care products are made from organic ingredients and are free of sulfates and GMOs. Indeed, you can customize your hair care regimen with more than 60 ingredients.

Moreover, the company is a Certified B Corporation, which means it complies with high environmental standards and partners with One Tree Planted organization which reforests the planet by planting trees in different countries. 

3. Aromatica

Aromatica Natural Hair Products

Aromatica – vegan, cruelty-free, and EWG-verified products for every hair type are made for aromatherapy lovers. You’ll enjoy amazing natural fragrances while nourishing your hair. What’s more, the company refuses to test on animals with their products and conducts various activities to minimize energy consumption. 

4. L’Oreal

L'oreal natural collection

L’Oreal plans to abandon plastic by 2025. Additionally, the brand has already launched Source Essentielle hair care products with refilled shampoo bottles. In 2013, the company launched a campaign to advance sustainable practices across all the business. In fact, today, it continues to invest in sustainable innovation. 

5. Davines

Davines Sustainable Hair Care

Davines actively promotes an environmentally friendly approach to the creation of cosmetics. Significantly, it is famous for its innovative projects, which promote an eco-friendly philosophy.

For example, the ‘I Sustain Beauty’ campaign urges all industry players to pay close attention to the environmental issues involved in cosmetics usage.

Furthermore, the ‘Oi’ line for hair is part of the ‘Zero Impact Project’ its main active ingredients are oil plants from the Amazon. Important to realise, that these hair care products can make your hair strong and shiny in the shortest possible time.


Ultimately, any of us can support sustainability by choosing products with naturally derived ingredients, recycled packaging, and vegan shampoo bars.

So, pay special attention to eco-labels and take part in environmental protection programs. A big change is impossible without small ethical decisions. 

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