Five New Skincare Protocols You’ll Have To Try This Summer

Rebecca Hunt

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Looking for innovative skincare protocols to try this summer?

We’ve got your back with this top five skincare protocols booming right now.

The skincare industry is innovating and ever-changing.

There is always a new ground-breaking ingredient, procedure, or tool you need to integrate into your routine.

When innovation and beauty are going hand in hand, there are always new technologies to discover and implement.

Moreover, when turned into skincare protocols proven that target skin concerns, you know you’ll be saving lots of time and money – while looking good!

Here are some new beauty innovations and skincare protocols you’ll be clambering to try this summer.

1. Skin Microbiome Health

Beauty and skincare obsessed companies have always known about the importance of boosting your gut’s good bacteria.

Yet, they’ve never paid attention to the surface bacterias that live on your skin.

Skin Microbiome Health

Finally, we are seeing a new trend forming, with experts creating skincare protocols dedicated to achieving healthier skin microbiome.

Skincare expert and founder of her eponymous skincare brand, Renée Rouleau, explains:

“On the surface of the skin, there is what is known as the microbiome. It is made up of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.”

Rouleau goes on to explain that certain chemicals keep the skin’s barrier intact — ensuring the skin stays healthy.

There are three ways to protect and improve your skin’s microbiome: pre-biotics, post-biotics, and action.

In this light, Rouleau is known for her latest release, a novel product capitalising on the microbiome skincare protocol.

Called the ‘Rapid Response Detox Toner’, the product relies on pre-biotics, post-biotics and gentle exfoliation to ward off acne.

It also uses salicylic acid to prevent further clogged pores and works wonders on skin hydration.

2. Personalised Skincare Protocols

Another trend we expect to boom this summer is personalised skincare protocols.

As technological developments in beauty are advancing so fast, more people are turning towards custom-made, personalised skincare protocols.

Personalised Skincare Protocols

Atolla is a new skincare brand working in this realm of custom made beauty products.

The company is formulating custom serums using data science and machine learning and allows buyers to sign up for their products on a subscription basis.

Each month, as your skin changes – hopefully for better – you’ll receive a tweaked and improved skincare formula.

3. AI Skincare Protocols

Another consumer product that’s going to make waves this summer is the ‘Shiseido’s Optune’.

Not necessarily the product, but the idea of using Artificial Intelligence for skincare protocols, as ‘AI’ has the potential to transform healthcare.

AI Skincare Protocols

In this example, the Optune device/app allows you to measure your skin every day and generate a consistent and current personalised skincare routine.

Based on detailed AI computations, there are over 80,000 combinations you can create, all for better skin.

This field is one of the fastest-growing ones right now in skincare, pointing to a future cosmetics industry entirely ruled by beauty algorithms.

4. Vampire Platelet Prep

Now, this might come across as a bit extreme of controversial. Yet, it is a fast-growing trend in skincare protocols, right now.

Remember the vampire facial Kim Kardashian made famous years ago?

Kim Kardashian Vampire Platelet Prep

The facial process involved drawing the user’s blood, using a machine to separate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

Then, you’ll have to smear the blood on your face, right before starting micro-needling.

The Platelet-rich plasma procedure is nothing new.

Dermatologists have been using this method in post-laser treatments and post fillers, to help improve results and shorten skin repair.

This year we are seeing platelet-rich plasma skincare routines are starting to become more accessible to the general public.

As technology advances fast, you can expect PRP treatments at your local cosmetics clinic, where they’ll use your platelets for skincare products.

Companies are expanding on the idea of utilising the patient’s platelets and formulating skincare from them, all for a truly personal skincare approach.

5. Pearl Powder Power

Most beauty and skincare ingredients using pearl powder are combined with oils to combat dry and dull complexions.

However, in addition to illuminating your skin, compounds found in pearl powder are known to make skin smoother and healthier as well.

Pearl powder for skin

That’s attributed Conchiolin, a complex protein extracted from molluscs.

Conchiolin is the same element that makes your favourite luminescent pearl necklace shine so bright.

Pearl powder is also a beneficial ingredient in skin collagen production, and also a great skin ageing preventive agent.

Finally, pearl powder can repair damaged tissues and increase circulation, which results in healthier-looking skin.

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