Apple Watch Complete Guide

Apple Watch The Complete Guide: Part II – Choose Your Apple Watch

You need an Apple Watch, but which one? What size and what strap? If you’re looking to get an Apple Watch but you’re not sure which one to get, here’s everything you need to know!

Apple Watch Sport – The Cheapest Apple Watch


Initial reports say that the Sport Watch is by far the most popular version of the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Sport does the same as every Apple Watch: the differences are in the physical materials it’s made from and that affects everything.

Initial reports say that this is by far the most popular version of the Apple Watch and a lot of that is going to be down to the price: this is the cheapest Apple Watch of them all. Yet, just as there are reasons to spend more on the other versions, so there are reasons to buy this that are nothing to do with price.

The Sport edition is lightweight and comes with straps that are particularly suited to being worn while you exercise.

Case – Apple Watch Sport is made from what’s called 7000 Series Silver or Space Grey Aluminium and comes in either a 38mm or 42mm size. The smaller one weighs 25g, the larger 30g.

Display – Ion-X Glass covers the Retina display of the Apple Watch Sport. The 38mm version packs in 302 pixels per inch while the larger one has 290 ppi. In practice, you can’t tell the difference.

Straps – Apple sells ten different straps specifically for the Apple Sport Watch: five for the 38mm size and five for the 42mm. Otherwise the difference is colour. All are rubber-like fluoroelastomer.

Buckles – The fluoroelastomer strap on the Sport is fastened by a stainless steel pin. It feels upside down compared to ordinary watches: you thread the band under the strap. Changing the strap is very easy: press two release buttons on the Watch to remove it and then snap a new one in.

Apple Watch – Is The Mid-Range Model The Best Value?


All three versions of the Watch work the same way, but the steel one is practical and looks very smart.

The stainless steel version of the Apple Watch is hard-wearing yet so very easy to wear. It handles knocks, it feels stronger than the Apple Watch Sport and it also looks good on your wrist.

It’s the sweet spot between the low price of the Sport and the bling of the Edition, it also comes with a wider range of straps than the Sport: while you can fit any strap to any model of Watch – if they are the same size – Apple offers you more choice for the strap that comes in the box.

All three versions of the Watch work the same way, but the steel one is practical and looks very smart.

Case – The Apple Watch case is 316L stainless steel in either Silver or Space Black. It’s heavier than the Sport, at 40g for the smaller edition and 50g for the larger version.

Display – Apple Watch has the same Retina display as the Sport – 302ppi for the 38mm, 290pp for the 42mm – but is covered with sapphire glass, which is harder-wearing.

Straps – There are 20 Apple Watch straps to choose from; some are only for the 38mm model some only for the 42mm. Most are in both sizes, however, and range from steel to leather.

Buckles – You can buy an Apple Watch with a Sport-style band, but most straps for this model are made from links and fastened in a Milanese loop. They look different to the Sport straps, but they connect in the same way and so can be swapped without difficulty.

Apple Watch Edition – The Top End Model. Why Not Buy Two?

07-apple watch gold edition

You might think that the price is a little on the high side – the very most expensive model you can purchase is a wallet-busting £13,500 – but you can’t deny that the Apple Watch Edition looks spectacular.

You get a choice of standard yellow gold or rose gold and both manage to be flashy yet subtle. In fact, they’re simply beautiful. If you’re willing to pay for beauty, you also get the choice of luxury watch straps. Plus, while we tend to concentrate on the price of gold, It Is also a great engineering material and so the Edition is surely the hardest-wearing of all the Apple Watches.

Case – The Edition cases are 18-carat yellow or rose gold. In 38mm, the yellow gold weighs 55g and the rose gold is 54g. In 42mm, they are 69g and 67g. It also has a ceramic back.

Display – Like the stainless steel mode the Apple Watch Edition features a Retina display (302ppi for the 38mm version, 290ppi for 42mm) and is covered with sapphire crystal glass.

Straps – The Edition has few strap types, but the most variations. You can choose to get a Sport band made from fluoroelastomer, or pick from leather with different colours and buckles.

Buckles – Aside from the Sport-style band, Apple Watch Edition straps have either a modern or classic buckle. The latter is familiar to anyone who’s worn a watch before, with its way of passing the strap through a metal clasp to alter the size. The modern buckle is less adjustable and has a snap-shut mechanism.

Apple Watch Face Sizes

There are two sizes of Watch: 38mm and 42mm. Which will suit you best?

Before you see an Apple Watch in person, you will expect it to be bigger than it is. It is small enough that when you see the 42mm model on its own, you may well assume it’s the 38mm.

So there’s less of an issue about how big the Watch will look on your wrist than you would imagine. Apple does not label the two sizes as men’s and women’s, but typical wrist sizes mean that the smaller version does tend to fit women better.

The larger one tends to fit men the best, but we are all different and you really need to try both on before you decide. You may also be expecting that 38mm and 42mm are the diagonal sizes, the way that screens on TVs and phones are usually measured. With the Apple Watches, though, the measurement refers to the height of the display.

The 38mm is actually 38,6mm high, 33.3mm wide and has a depth of 10,5mm. The 42mm is indeed 42mm high, it’s 35.9mm wide and has the same 10.5mm depth. The difference is small, but the screen on the larger case is easier to read while the smaller size has a denser display, which you may find fiddlier to use.

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